A common passion and the same way of seeing the world, sparked two friends, guitarist Janek Niedzielski and vocalist Filip Zielinski, to join forces in a project called Dianoya in June 2008.

Their musical pathways had previously crossed many times, but it was not until the inception of Dianoya that they began to compose together, and shortly thereafter longtime friend and drummer Łukasz Chmielinski joined. Eventually the trio added bassist Adam Pierzchała and guitarist Maciej Papalski to the line-up.

The collaboration of these five young, creative, and educated musicians, resulted in sophisticated musical ideas. Determination and hard work enabled them to record and release the band’s ambitious debut album “Obscurity Divine” in March 2010.

In the following years Dianoya has become a well-known band in their homecountry Poland.

Iin 2012 it is time to release their second album, LIDOCAINE. With this new album the band is aiming to certainly spread their wings outside Poland as well.

Musically Dianoya can be described as combination of heavy metal riffs combined with psychedelic gentleness. Lidocaine in comparison to their debut album is much more energetic and more diverse in terms of mood and soundscapes.