Paatos is a Swedish rock group based in Stockholm, Sweden. The band shows influences from a wide variety of styles and genres. Some call it Post-rock, others Progressive Artrock, and even Goth is sometimes referred to. Paatos describes their own music as Cinematic Rock, despite their reluctance to categorize or pigeon-hole their musical expression. Paatos was formed in 2000 and started out as a rhythm section backing up swedish Folk Rock singer Turid. This kindled the fires and Petronella soon joined the band on vocals and cello. Original compositions soon started taking shape.

Timeloss was the first studio album and was originally released on Stockholm Records in 2002, to be re-issued on InsideOut in 2005. In 2004 Paatos recorded their second album Kallocain. The album was mixed by Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree. An European tour with the Gathering followed. The third studio album Silence Of Another Kind was released in 2006. This was also followed by extensive touring around Europe with own headline shows but also a large number of support act shows for Porcupine Tree. During this year the band recorded several shows which resulted in a live album called Sensors.

End of 2008/early 2009 Paatos started writing and recording music again for a new album, to be called Breathing. Released on Glassville Records. This was followed by their fifth (mini) album appropriately named “V”. Here they not only continue exploring sweet hypnotic soundscapes and driven riffs but also delve into acoustic and electronic realms. Both Breathing and V are also available on vinyl.

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