Poland’s Progressive Rock shooting stars RIVERSIDE have undergone a highly interesting and purposeful progression throughout their musical career so far.

Commencing with densely atmospheric and partly dark Metal soundscapes on their early steps back in 2001, this quartet effortlessly struck a nerve with the changing prospects of the new Prog Metal generation that embraced acts like Tool, Porcupine Tree or Opeth for their instrumentally technical, yet deeply emotional and still always powerful, fresh take on the style.

RIVERSIDE quickly morphed into one of the leading acts within the new European Prog Metal movement with the release of their “Reality Dream” trilogy, which encompasses the band’s much acclaimed first three releases, “Out Of Myself” (2003), “Second Life Syndrome” (2005) and most remarkably “Rapid Eye Movement” (2007).

In 2011, RIVERSIDE followed up by releasing a special EP entitled “Memories In My Head” in order to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary of existence and once again toured restlessly all across the world, with one of many highlights being their appearance on the main stage of Poland’s gigantic Woodstock festival in July of 2011, a spectacular event attended by more than half a million (!) people.

Now comes ‘Love, Fear and the Time Machine,’ an album which yet again showcases a different musical face of RIVERSIDE.

After the successes of the more metal-sounding “Anno Domini High Definition” and the more hard rock “S.O.N.G.S.” the band are continuing their musical journey on an album that brings to mind a more mature version of “Out Of Myself”, their debut release. In a way, they are returning to their roots but in a completely different form. “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” is a summary of their musical journey so far and an opening to a brand new chapter in their career.

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